The Critic – Wiggle Bike Bungee

In November, Wiggle realise an inhouse video – bungee jumping with bikes. Sounds exactly like a video worth ignoring which I did. While a brand is still able to create and market a compelling concept it needs credibility or a real wow factor to make it worthwhile.

If it is really good, then everyone is posting or tweeting and this wasn’t the case so the youtube video reached up 30,000 views which is fair, but doesn’t compare to the viral videos. Lets add a few more views, here is the video – you can watch before the inner critic is released.

What is so bad about Bike Bungee

What is good about it. People have by sky diving with bikes, diving with bikes and doing bungee with bikes. Doesn’t really make sense and is fun to watch the first time.

But stop the press, this time it is different because…

At Wiggle, we’re committed to bringing you the good stuff, so we sent four of our adrenaline-loving Wigglers, each with a different type of bike to the French Alps for the ultimate test…… which bike can jump the furthest?!

It sounds more like…

We are all serious and committed… but cool enough to flip over mid sentence to show you how we roll. Our awesome team of adrenalin junkies has the ultimate test and will combine pseudo science with a complete lack of consistency to bring you a video which we want to go viral. ?? !! ?! ?!

Reality aside, sometimes when you try to hard to be funny, it doesn’t come across. It may even be misunderstood, one person commenting on the video said:

Yikes. I had sweaty palms just watching!
Mark MacDonald

No one wants to know that Mark.


The most important rule of Viral Marketing

All would have been lost, were it not for the most important rule of viral market. What is it you ask? Well, the most important rule of viral market is to make sure that your campaign is very clearly branded, best with four logos. In this case, Wiggle get full marks and a bonus point for mentioning Wiggle again in text.


Wiggle Four Logos

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