Continental GP4000S, World’s Best Road Cycling Tire?

It is hard to beat Conti GP 4000 S road tires, they are the most popular tire because of the low rolling resistance couple and fairly good puncture resistance. Furthermore, Aerodynamic wind tunnel tests by Zipp and Flo, for example show that the Continentals have the best performance and are recommended.

But it is worth noting that these are also part of a bigger product lineup:

Grand Prix 4-Season
Grand Prix GT
Grand Prix 4000
Grand Prix 4000 S (old)
Grand Prix 4000 S II
Grand Prix TT Ltd
Grand Prix SuperSonic

However Continental do have competition, so keep an eye on Michelin Pro4 Comp and Vittoria Corsa which come in a variety of models CX, SC, SL, SR, CG, and CS. The Vittoria Tires include tubulars and from Michelin and Continental there are of course tubulars as well as clinchers, but the debate on the fastest tire changes, durability and rolling resistance is for another time.